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A Girly Day Out At LFW

Fashion. Shows. Bloggers. Fun! Did I tell you about all the fun I had at LFW yesterday? Oh no ofcourse I didn’t but I really can’t wait any longer (bad connection at mommies last night couldn’t blog). There’s Always A First Time. It was like my very first time and I sorta knew how these (…)


A "Say" in your "Shoe"

VERUSCHKA WOW! I may have gulped down gallons of coffee but I sure know what am saying. Don’t read too much into the title, instead focus on what’s coming up! So remember how you dreamt about a shoe that was designed especially for you and just the way you want it to look, feel and (…)


Chantilly Chic

Do you have something in Chantilly lace? I never did until last year when I received an expensive Chantilly lace saree (It’s out of this world – you will love it) Chantilly lace has a very rich, classy and chic look. It’s extremely feminine, elegant and graceful. I wish I knew about Chantilly accessories a (…)