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A "good girl" buddy! Shopping spree. Spring stock et al.

She smiles and light up your heart. She is soft and sensitive. She is empathetic but not intrusive. She is vulnerable yet fun ! She is homely, warm, friendly and always there when you need a hug and want to share a light hearted conversation. Do you have a friend like that too? Well, I (…)


Sales: Shocks. Surprizes. Stocks. Scoop.

  Aaah sales ! The word sends girls into a tizzy. Its similar to the excitement and mad rush we feel when we have our first crush or a big gooey chocolaty brownie or when our bf/spouse surprizes us or when we get ourself a haircut or when SRK woos his girl and sweeps her off her (…)



Cute and quaint! The contemporary arts cafe in Juhu has charmed customers ever since I can remember and it continues to do so with its warm and friendly staff, interesting array of items displayed (not cheap mind you!) the tiny cafe that serves warm cups of tea and coffee in small white cups (aaah! I (…)